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EU Projects

European Union (EU) budget or the European Development Fund supported projects

  • Supplies
  • Works
  • Services
  • Grants

Our company had technical support in 22 countries tenders received in this context. Both the pre-tender and post-tender technical support activities in preparations and Product Expertise was involved in the work.

Grants are direct financial contributions from the EU budget or from the European Development Fund. They are awarded as donations to third parties that are engaged in external aid activities. The Contracting Authority awards grants that are used to implement projects or activities that relate to the EU’s external aid programmes.

Grants fall into two categories:

Grants for actions: aim to achieve an objective that forms part of an external aid programme.
Operating grants: finance the operating expenditure of an EU body that is pursuing an aim of general European interest or an objective that forms part of an EU policy.
Grants are based on the reimbursement of the eligible costs, in other words, costs effectively incurred by the beneficiaries that are deemed necessary for carrying out the activities in question. The results of the action remain the property of the beneficiaries.

Grants are subject to a written agreement signed by the two parties and, as a general rule, require co-financing by the grant beneficiary. Since grants cover a very diverse range of fields, the specific conditions that need to be fulfilled may vary from one area of activity to another.