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Tubitak Consulting

Our company, from its establishment to the present day, has successfully developed and written hundreds of Industry and SME R&D projects supported by TUBITAK for reputable companies in our country. Our consulting services are realized in all areas of Industry and SME companies carried out by TUBITAK.

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Things you should know about R&D deductions carried out by Ministry of Finance of the Turkish Republic;;

  • The Income Tax Law of No.193,
  • The Corporate Tax Law of No.5520
  • The Law of the Support of Research and Development of No.5746

In our country, the above arguments have been made in relation to R&D deductions. The tax incentives in the Law of the Support and R&D of No.5746 are those:


In today’s world, we are living in a stage in which everything is visualized and digitalized. The development of countries, companies and individuals or the productivity growth has, no doubt, amazing increase rate.