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We are assertive in consulting services!

Since 1999, Sur Consulting has been completing a lot of projects successfully which are project of technical schools’ equipment in Romania, in the north region all schools’ equipment project in Egypt, and someting like these project in Serbia, in Bulgaria, in Kosovo, in Albania, in Ukrainia, in Georgia, in Syria, in Yemen, in Serbia, in Slovenia, in Croatia, in Tajikistan. Our firm, which finished the European Union and World Bank projects in 22 country, make national project, and we serve public and private sectors professionally.

Our firm, on the other hand, developed universities labs’ devices and equipment softwares.

    • Helping R&D and Inovative works
    • Writing project and follwing project’s process for GRANT supports
    • Developing equipment
    • Developing software
    • Guiding international firms in Turkey market
    • Doing international working in the transfer of technologies

Our firm is active in these matters.