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Our Mission

We are ambitious for technology transfer, research,development studies and consulting services!

To present projects about Technology Transfer to many private sectors and the public agency by following the developments in the world market, provide them to realize their own projects and to direct the works of the R&D, find national or international grants for studies are some of our main goals.

  • To help firms to develop their R&D activities,
  • To provide them to benefit from national or international grants,
  • To support the public and private companies about technology transfer issues,
  • To offer consulting services about projects writing and advising on IT,
  • To lead software and hardware development services,
  • To ensure international companies to invest in our country,
  • To support the expanding overseas of the public and private sector

are the things that are within our means and capabilities. In this context, our company which aims to contribute to our country offers efficient and successful works.