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Dropping Mercury Electrode

Technical Specifications of Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode System (CGME)
• DME (Dropping Mercury Electrode) – mercury is allowed to flow freely from the reservoir down the capillary and so the growth of the mercury drop and its lifetime is controlled by gravity. (The optional 100 µm capillary is recommended for this mode.)
• SMDE (Static Mercury Drop Electrode) – the drop size is determined by the length of time for which the fast-response capillary valve is opened, and the drop is dislodged by a drop knocker. The dispense/knock timing is microprocessor-controlled and is typically coordinated with the potential pulse or square-wave waveform. This mode can also used to generate the Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode required for stripping experiments.
• CGME (Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode) – the mercury drop is grown by a series of pulses that open the capillary valve. The number of pulses, their duration, and their frequency can be varied by PC control, providing great flexibility in both the drop size and its rate of growth. This CGME mode can be used for both polarographic and stripping experiments.
• Wide range of drop sizes
• Programmable drop growth with the BAS 100B/W and CV-50W
• DME, SMDE, and CGME modes
• HMDE available in SMDE and CGME modes
• Good electrical contact minimizes electrode resistance
• Fast response time
• Rapid drop stabilization
• Small volume glass cell vials
• Water-jacketed cell vial
• Cell top compatible with voltammetry electrodes
• Standard addition port
• Quick-connect input gas line connector
• Easy maintenance
• Minimal metal contact reduces metal contamination
• Self-contained power supply
• Mounted magnetic stirrer with 50-800 rpm
• Manual and remote control of mercury dispense, drop knock, stirrer on/off, inert gas purge/blanket
• Minimal chance of mercury spills
• 16 different drop size in 16 different steps
• Watch and adjust drop size in LCD monitor
• Folllowing control signal from LCD monitor remote or local positions
• Stirrer rate/ min controlling in 16 steps and watching steps and signals in LCD monitor
• Warranty : System, 2 (two) years.