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Rotating Disk Electrode

Technical Specifications of Rotating Disk Electrode

• Engine speed (RMP) between 50 rotate/min. and 10.000 rotate/min.
• Adjustable speed and actual speed values watch on monitor.
• Low interia
• External voltage application between 0.00 – 10V, then adjusting rotate 0.00 – 10.000 rotate/ min
• Rotate information taken from terminal as 1 V =1000 Rotate/min.
• Internal control inputs in TTL levels. Start with rotate or Purge , stop
• Controlling from built in switch or remote control terminals
• Max. gas input ( flow) 5psi and controllled with stopcock.
• Gas flow made by using teflon capillary. Jacketing and controlling gas flow
• Accommodating with all Poograpy and Potantiostates
• Parameters of RDE can be controlled by using internal devices, at the same time adjusting on main device
• Motor and its components are 1700 rotatable.
• Changing of electrots is very easy. Useable as solid electrode
• Motor protected to over-use by automaticly.
• Compatible with all systems.
• Warranty : System, 2 (two) years.