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C-4 Cell Stand

Technical Specifications of C-4 Cell Stand
• Manual or remote control of gas purge/blanket
• Manual or remote on-off control of magnetic stirrer
• Cell lead connects directly to all potentiostats,
• Low-volume glass cell vials (typical volume 3 mL)
• Mounted cell top compatible with all solid voltammetric working electrodes and reference electrodes
• Open architecture for easy access to cell
• “Quick-connect” input gas line connector
• Faraday Cage included to reduce environmental noise (for low current measurements)
• Optional water-jacketed cell vial
• Magnetic stirrer controlling in 16 steps and adjustbale range between 50-800 rate/min.
• Adjust and watch steps and ranges in LCD monitor
• Folllowing control signal from LCD monitor remote or local positions
• All system working based on microprocessor
• Input control signals located back board inthe D25 connector.
• All signals followable from LCD monitor
• Control signals in LOGIC status, changeable of active positions ( active low L=0 or active high L=1)
• Warranty : System, 2 (two) years.