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Fuel Cell Tester

Fuel Cell Tester Specifications
• System can operate up to 25V, 100 amperes is designed to test fuel cells.
• Front panel of the device can be made all necessary settings. LCD display and set values in the search results can be tracked.
• Devices have two channels. Batteries can simultaneously connect to the system with left-right choice by selecting the desired parameters.
• On the front panel of devices, channel selector (right-left), voltage selector ( 5, 10,15,20,25V) and regime (short-circuit current, battery voltage, constant passing stream to observe and battery open circuit potential to observe) selector buttons are there.
• Battery current, selected battery voltage and spending power can be monitored in real time from the front panel.
• Micro-controlled system. In excessive current and heat generation protects itself.
• An active load capacity is 200A.
• Internal short circuit resistance is less than 10 milli-Om.